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I wrote The Vast Landscape, mostly to stay alive. Because I HATE the word BiPolar and all it has taken, not only from me but those I loved madly. I wrote. When the bad thoughts came, I wrote. When the velocity in my brain was too much, I wrote. When I was curled in a ball screaming, sobbing on the kitchen floor, I wrote. The Vast Landscape is my truth sitting in hope. This book, my personal Fuk You to the insidious disease. Today, I win. I’m still here. I am not stronger than the broken mind, I know. I am resilient.
I shake my head by the visceral effect the story has had on so many.
I’m sharing a touching note (pieces of it). I hope she won’t mind.

It gives me the courage to keep fighting. Keep writing. It matters, your support matters. A lot.

“Jackie, I have to tell you, I bought your book yesterday on very first book on my very first tablet. I finished it this morning!!!!! I still have goose bumps! Simply amazing..raw, beautiful, soul-wrenching… details I know are truth, some I know as fiction..all stunningly emotional. This may be too rambling, but I am at a loss for words that can appropriately describe these feelings. I cried. I sobbed. This is an amazing work, filled with beautiful tributes and so much emotion..congratulations! And, thank you for sharing so much of yourself. You are gifted and generous..I know everyone who reads this, will be touched..I can’t wait for your next one!!”

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Bring Change 2 Mind
Bring Change 2 Mind



One Piece of Pretty ‪

9-13-14 The Vast Landscape Book Signing

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Grass roots marketing, a friend mentioned the other day. Yes, I suppose The Vast Landscape is just that. I am just stubborn enough, crazy enough, ambitious enough to believe I could self-publish a book. Those of you who know me, understand living with mental illness is no joke, any step forward and out of the house is a huge accomplishment. Thanks for coming out, for the humbling support. The Vast Landscape, the novel’s appeal is for the reader to decide. For me it’s solid, rock steady and the skin I’m most comfortable in.

“Harrison is beautiful chaos. She saved me in many ways.” Jacqueline Cioffa 

“I am allowed one piece of pretty to call my own.”  The Vast Landscape by Jacqueline Cioffa

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The Greens I Have Seen

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I never liked nature. Or, so I thought.

The walk is hard, I don’t adapt well to change.

Life is about comings and goings.

I breathe in, watching the hues deepen.

Halfway through the walk, perception shifts.

I cannot replace what has gone missing.

My shoulders less on attack, I feel less alone.

The sound of gravel underfoot brings small comfort.

The sweet, shadow dog loves me through all my complicated colors, every season.

She stops, turns back and speaks through her soul,

I’m waiting.

I’m here.

I’ve been right here all along.

In the woods, my dead aren’t buried where I cannot reach them.

They are silver light shining through the trees.

The wet on a blade of grass.

In silence, the mind gets quieter.

In the woods, I see better.

However temporary, Autumn will come and go.

September is the most alive green I know.

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