Support #theloveeffect film – #SuicideAwareness

One Love.

As an Advocate, Buddha Collector, Spiritual Seeker,  Author, Being, and Human how could I not stand up in support of #theloveeffect film ?

Living with mental illness, suicide and the dark are the all too familiar and unwelcome visitors, close companions.

Experiencing the personal devastating loss of someone precious, brilliant and beautiful to suicide is unbearable, impossible to comprehend. And, yet somehow we manage to go on.

Not without help, none of us can do life alone.

I use my voice. Everyday. Every single day I make a promise to write the hard unspeakable truths, insurmountable pains and blinding bliss. To choose hope, not fear.

To always seek out the light.

I support #theloveeffect because the film shares the uncomfortable truths, the ones that matter today.

Every life matters. Suicide and depression are real, they aren’t going away.

The time to #StartTheConversation is right now without shame, only courage and joy.

The sea, sun, and the elements make soothing, stunning backdrops in #theloveeffect trailer.

The perfect setting to vital, important topics.

One love.

Please visit my author site at for an updated post and fantastic news about #theloveeffect film’s progress! #TheLoveEffect link:



• Over 1,000,000 people die by suicide every year.

• There is one death by suicide in the world every 40 seconds.

• Depression is the leading cause of disability worldwide.

• Suicide is the second leading cause of death for 15 – 24 year olds.

Why aren’t we discussing this? As filmmakers, we have an opportunity to be fearless, vulnerable and open by sharing a story that’s both universal, dramatic and ever so poignant.


A film dealing with suicide and pain is never easy. Especially when it hits so close to home for so many of us. With the support of many celebrities, organization groups and people around the world, we have decided to take this head on – connecting our own struggles and pain with suicide, loss and depression to make a film that poetically expresses the importance of LOVE and its EFFECT. Short films are a difficult thing to create, however with suicide being such a relevant topic, we feel this story is a voice that needs to be heard.”


6 thoughts on “Support #theloveeffect film – #SuicideAwareness”

  1. Holy moly, I JUST discovered this! Jacqueline thank you so much for your thoughtfulness, your advocacy and your amazing spirit on this cause. We’re really proud of the things we’ve done and we know we can do more, so discovering your blog here and reading it was truly wonderful.

    Have you seen our final fundraiser and campaign? We also launched an official trailer too!!!

    THE LOVE EFFECT – Official Trailer and Final Fundraiser:

    We hope to hear more about you and your work!


    1. I have been following THE LOVE EFFECT film and its wonderful, important message.
      Supporting #mentalhealth and raising awareness is near and dear to my heart.
      I’ve posted an updated link on my author site on the amazing progress of THE LOVE EFFECT, and shared with some fierce and compassionate advocates.
      Wishing you continued success with the film, and thank you for spreading the love.

      Please visit my current site at for a current #theloveeffect post.
      #TheLoveEffect link:


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