Mental Health Warrior: J.C. Hannigan

Nicole Lyons

In addition to the literal meaning, now mostly historical, the term has acquired a figurative sense referring to “a person who shows or has shown great vigor, courage, or aggressiveness…” –‘Warrior’ According to Wikipedia

J.C. Hannigan is indeed a Warrior in every sense of the word. She is also an accomplished author, an award winning blogger, and an outspoken advocate. She shares soulful and inspiring stories on her personal blog, Sarcastica, as well as her new column for the MHE Coalition. She is also a frequent guest on many high profile blogs. J.C. is a Stigma Fighter, and volunteers her time as a Content Manager for Stigma Fighters Canada. It is an honor to be able to feature this incredible woman here on TLC. Thank you J.C., You have shown so many of us where true strength comes from, even on those days when you don’t always feel very strong yourself. Keep…

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