Because this moment simply is By Stephanie Ortez 

Because this moment simply is. No bugs trapped inside in the mind, prompting to do what the will does not wish to do. And one of the things I do not wish to do is to indulge in this life full of vanity and self-consciousness. This aha moment has pondered in my thoughts for a while. It all started when I moved to a new apartment; excited to finally enjoy my privacy, the kitchen area, and to have a small place to call my own… At least for a year. I felt so many thrills after the last box was unpacked, ready to sit down on my couch and devour more literary. The cable provider hasn’t been called just yet; I’m beginning to enjoy my surroundings in a sweet harmony where T.V. Does not exist. Hell, even my youngest son took up a summer reading challenge with “To kill…

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