How Do You Know When You’ve “Made It” as a Writer?

Thoughtful words filled with hope and purpose. Mary Rowen shares her ‘writers life’ and the journey.

successHas it happened to you? Have you “made it” as a writer? I have! But before you read on, please note the quotation marks around the words made it. Because…well, you’ll understand soon if you don’t already. Here’s my story.

The year was 2007, it was autumn, and I’d been querying my first novel manuscript for about a year. I should probably put quotation marks around the word novel too, because I’m not sure if that manuscript actually qualified as a novel. But back then, as far as I was concerned, it certainly did. Not only was it a novel, but quite possibly a bestseller. Although I was pretty sure it’d work even better on the big screen. And everyone knows selling film rights is the real definition of writing success. Right?

What genre was this manuscript? Good question! It started out like erotica, but then sort of

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