My Stumble Story

My Stumble Story by skinnyandsingle

Skinny and Single

My Stumble StoryI had a very new blog, and I was still really stupid. I woke up one day with hundreds of hits from “Stumbleupon”, but when I clicked the direct link, it didn’t tell me what it was.

I was curious, and called my genius child who said “wow, I love Stumbleupon.”

Stumbleupon is an “all in one place” internet dump. There is no timeline, there is no newsfeed and you don’t need your friends.

I spent a year trying to get hits again, and got nowhere, until recently.

My Stumble Strategy

First I installed the extremely annoying and buggy Stumble Bar, keep it turned off unless you’re using it.

Stumble Bar

Three times a day, I go to, with the Stumble Bar already there, it’s easy to thumb up various websites and pages. (Again, I’m not talking about your friends or your own blog yet.) I thumb up at least…

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