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Harnessing The Madness   Hush, little mama Dry your acrid, bittersweet, woeful tears   Don’t you cry, pretty mama Your darling, happy, freckle-face baby is struggling, fevered, and …

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Dear Nicole,

Thank you, for the grand honour to be on The Lithium Chronicles once again with ‘Harnessing the Madness.’ This piece is as close to how I feel in my heart about my mother, and our journey together through the battle that is Mental Illness. She is my warrior, as are you dear friend…Thank you for throwing me a life raft, and your support of my writing, and me. It means the world.

You are a treasure and a sparkling, strong quartz, and fire red powerful, Bloodstone gem. Trust me, the pleasure is all mine. I am enjoying watching your soar with your writing as well as saving so many with your advocacy.

From my Bleeding Ink heart to yours, always…



The Body Beautiful

Honored to be featured On the Verge

Open Thought Vortex

By Jacqueline Cioffa

As a former model and makeup artist who worked with Ashley Graham, I can assure you she is not ‘fat,’ she is perfectly portioned. The average dress size for a woman in U.S. is 12 – 14. The modeling industry, fashion, and celebrity promote unhealthy and unrealistic skinny body standards for all women. This disturbs me on so many levels having witnessed firsthand the detriment to low self-esteem, eating disorders and unattainable weight issues has on young models that starved themselves to fit into a size zero.

Please don’t ever body shame anyone. I blame our culture hungry for gossip, entertainment television, the media, and fashion magazines for feeding the beast and creating a world where negativity and bullying of every kind are acceptable behavior. Social media bombards unrealistic images of skinny models, actresses and actors because Hollywood glam sells magazines and fuels the vicious, negative news…

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Stephanie, I adore you. Thank you for your support, friendship, strength, beautiful strength, advocacy, and resilience. You are the real deal, mom, friend, mother and original badass. Harrison approves.

Thank you, asshole. Truly, wishing you a lifetime of love and happiness.

XX Jackie


Harrison’s back with a new look, nip and tuck, and bonus chapter. She and Jacqueline Cioffa have returned to the Cove, where the magic begins.

The Vast Landscape by Jacqueline Cioffa has a new dreamy, beach look, cover design by Yosbe Design Studio complete with revisions, blurbs and bonus chapters.

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The Vast Landscape

by Jacqueline Cioffa

Genre: Literary Fiction

Cover Design by: https://www.facebook.com/yosbedesign


Bold contemporary fiction, THE VAST LANDSCAPE shares one woman’s journey filled with doubt, mistrust, fame, and self-discovery. Join Harrison on her quest to find inner peace despite the harrowing obstacles placed in her way. Will she succeed in stripping away her complex armor to unmask the flawed, beautiful, and strong iconoclast kept hidden for so long?

Honest to a fault, Jacqueline Cioffa creates a challenging love story sparkling with narrative originality.


“Once I freed it up to be fiction,” she said, “Harrison could go anywhere. I had…

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