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My Stumble Story

My Stumble Story by skinnyandsingle

Skinny and Single

My Stumble StoryI had a very new blog, and I was still really stupid. I woke up one day with hundreds of hits from “Stumbleupon”, but when I clicked the direct link, it didn’t tell me what it was.

I was curious, and called my genius child who said “wow, I love Stumbleupon.”

Stumbleupon is an “all in one place” internet dump. There is no timeline, there is no newsfeed and you don’t need your friends.

I spent a year trying to get hits again, and got nowhere, until recently.

My Stumble Strategy

First I installed the extremely annoying and buggy Stumble Bar, keep it turned off unless you’re using it.

Stumble Bar

Three times a day, I go to, with the Stumble Bar already there, it’s easy to thumb up various websites and pages. (Again, I’m not talking about your friends or your own blog yet.) I thumb up at least…

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Able in this Diverse Universe Writing Contest is LIVE #disability #autism #writing

Karrie higgins

Exciting news! The Able in this Diverse Universe Essay Contest is now open for submissions!

Dec.1-Feb. 29 an essay contest hosted by Karrie Higgins Able in this Diverse Universe to benefit a boy and his dog. These words appear in a white bubble against a background of white with a black web-like pattern.

All submissions fees benefit the training and care of Noah Ainslie’s future Autism service dog, Appa.

Also exciting? One of our readers is none other than Dr. Kwame Brown.

The contest not only will help Noah, but it will also raise awareness about invisible disability and ableism, two issues near and dear to my heart (and many of my readers’ hearts).

A white, fluffy poodle dog licks a young boy's ear. The boy is wearing a purple shirt with a bird, dog, and horse silhouette on it in white. Behind them, a man watches on happily. The dog is Appa, and the boy is Noah! Aw, what a sweet photo! Noah looks so happy.

From the Submittable:

Noah’s neurodiversity often manifests as sensory overwhelm. He has been learning coping mechanisms for six years, but still visibly struggles when it comes to conforming to neurotypical standards. He is high function on the spectrum which means he doesn’t “look like” he’s disabled. He is subjected to ableist expectations, often very aggressively and in public.

Noah has been called a…

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Meet the Judges for Able in This Diverse Universe

The Honeyed Quill


Friends, the Able in This Diverse Universe essay competition has an amazing panel. We have four judges all of whom have knowledge of/experience in disabilities and/or neurodivergence. All reflections on disabilities, visible or invisible are most welcome. Read on to see who will review your work.


Karrie Higgins is your Word Mage for this competition. She will act as head judge, selecting the winning essays. Taken from her blog, A True Testimony, “Karrie Higgins is a writer in Salt Lake City, Utah, currently at work on “Superman is my Temple Recommend,” a grimoire/memoir about the nexus between magic, forensics, and faith. Her own personal Book of Breathings, written to guide her dead brother into eternal life, it re-imagines Isis and Osiris through the lenses of environmental epigenetics, air pollution science, alchemy, forensic science, psychogeography, Mormon theology, and her entanglement with a psychopathic forger-murderer, from whom she learns the art of forgery to pen her…

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