Rocks and Mussels and Moss

My love of prose runs deep, and flows freely. I never try to push or guide her, I simply wait. She comes to me in thought, letting words steer the course. 100,000 keystrokes, always grateful for the ride. Slippery, sliced, bruised and banged up, the rocks show me the how. Pointing towards the unsettling, eery calm waters, and guaranteed ease of crystal blue, crisp, sun storm light beautiful. A new day. Possibility runs amok, wild like the raging currents I am bound to.

I Am Adam Lanza – by Jacqueline Cioffa

I Am Adam Lanza – by Jacqueline Cioffa.

Mental Illness affects one in four. I Am Adam Lanza is a ‘searingly raw, in your face powerful essay.’ It is honest, emotional truth. Exposing yourself on the page, weakness and vunerability you are immediately set free. Helping others exposing your story, however uncomfortable the subject.

Thank you, Brooklyn Voice for publishing the piece.

Brainstorms the Anthology on

Brainstorms the Anthology

Brainstorms The Anthology

‘BRAINSTORMS’~ AN EXPRESSION OF DEPRESSION VOLUME 2 The ‘Expression of Depression’ anthologies arose from a journal and pad of art therapy drawings recorded during a stint in rehab. The idea was to collate similar pieces from as many writers as possible; the desire was to provide empathy and inspiration to anyone going through a similar experience of isolation and mental struggle. Brainstorms is the 2nd volume in the expression of depression series, a collection of poetry & short fiction from established and emerging talent. Featuring work by Melvin Burgess, Todd Swift, Sadie Frost and Clint Catalyst.

Model Behaviour by Jacqueline Cioffa

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I am nothing if not my word.

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