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“Love your body for all its peak and valleys.” Jacqueline Cioffa Lane Bryant ‪#‎ImNoAngel‬

“Style goes beyond size. (Case in point: Everything on this page.)”

Post your beautiful self(ie) on Facebook Lane Bryant ‪#‎ImNoAngel‬


Love your body for all its peaks & valleys
#ImNoAngel #CurvyGirls #FF Jackie Cioffa
ex-model MakeUp artist author feminist advocate being
Current Size 12


Reading is SEXY

Because reading is smart. Smart is beautiful. Beautiful is SEXY. The Vast Landscape is soul stirring, emotional, authentic, raw truth in a moment of chaos when the whole world could use, something beautiful. Faith. Strength. Love. Hope.
Fine Lit., Not Chick Lit.

Amazon Readers *****

“A glimpse inside the intimate, very personal view of a world. ”
Colleague| 5 reviewers made a similar statement

“Filled with raw emotion..a page turner from the start! ”
Kathy Aiello| 6 reviewers made a similar statement

“This is a sisterhood amongst girlfriends that are there for each other through the good times and the bad. ”
Amalia Colyer| 2 reviewers made a similar statement