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Downtown Books & Coffee: March book events a sign of spring

Downtown Books & Coffee: March book events a sign of spring.

GEORGIA PINE by Jacqueline Cioffa

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Call Me Crazy or Call Me a TEN

A friend mentioned my author feature and The Vast Landscape article made the CITIZEN’S Top-Ten most-read feature stories of 2014. After a particularly, challenging shiteous week with my precarious mental health the news was well, friggin’ awesome. I am in excellent company. While I have not been my ‘model’ self for some time, I managed to write and self-publish a top-ten book. Thank you, Carrie Chantler for the lovely, articulate feature and thank you to my hometown for welcoming me back without googly eyes and judgement.

I will keep speaking out, working hard, using my voice and well, pushing boundaries.

Georgia Pine’s release, the sequel to The Vast Landscape is weeks away.

I rise to the challenge, or crawl however I get there.

Never. Quit. Your. Dreams.

Modify when necessary. 


The Citizen’s top 10 most-read feature stories of 2014: Jenna Hinman, Tinkers Guild, Prison City Pub & Brewery and more

December 23, 2014
The Citizen’s most-read feature stories of 2014 include our introduction to Jenna Hinman’s story, memories of Tinkers Guild shortly after it burned down, a visit to the Northeast Naturist Festival in Summerhill and more!

Author Feature The Citizen
The Citizen Top-Ten

10 of 10

“After 17-year detour into modeling career, Auburn native finishes her first novel.”





dem boots and a backpack

Sensory satisfaction
Visualize. characters. creation. 








Harrison’s experience of her new milieu is full of sensory observation. An early chapter refers to the city in tantalizing terms: “New York tasted better than chocolate, was wilder than anything Harrison had imagined, and smelled like opportunity. The streets vibrated under her boots.” -Carrie Chantler 

The Citizen. http://auburnpub.com/lifestyles/after–year-detour-into-modeling-career-auburn-native-finishes/article_853a739d-a5f2-5910-a074-87a0c4cec5e1.html


Gone Viral

The Vast Landscape
The Vast Landscape copyright auburn pub.com










Gone viral is very different from gone fishin’

And then THIS happened. Y’all made it happen. XXOOXX

A shout out to maestro Tim Quinn for helping The Vast Landscape hit the Best Seller list  first time around! And the tremendous support.

Amazon Best Seller in Contemporary Urban Fiction


Urban Bestseller
Amazon Best Seller Contemporary Urban Fiction