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“The Vast Landscape” follows brash young protagonist Harrison as she escapes her small-town life into a world of international modeling.”

“Cioffa loosened her genre and instead woven a fictional tale drawing heavily on her own experiences.

“Harrison is written to be a raw, relatable character, Cioffa said.” Nicki Gorny


Author Feature The Citizen
Author Feature The Citizen

Thank you, Auburn Citizen and David Wilcox. Thank you, Ms. Carrie Chantler for the wonderful article. I am humbled and grateful for the overwhelming support. After numerous adventures, travels and years away, having friends and neighbors greet you with a huge smile, newspaper in hand is the best kind of town to come home to.

front page news
front page news

-Acclaim for The Vast Landscape

“Harrison’s experience of her new milieu is full of sensory observation. An early chapter refers to the city in tantalizing terms: “New York tasted better than chocolate, was wilder than anything Harrison had imagined, and smelled like opportunity. The streets vibrated under her boots.”

“The reader senses early on that the writing of the book is a labor that likely netted the author a great deal of satisfaction — perhaps like the deep sigh a person releases after a long-awaited accomplishment is achieved and is finally ticked off life’s to-do list.”

“As Cioffa wrote “The Vast Landscape,” she consciously chose to part ways with her own life story and endow Harrison with challenges that ultimately lead her to a beach, a surfing habit and a beautiful baby. But not mental illness.”

“She’s beautiful chaos, but she’s not sick,” Cioffa said.
Carrie Chantler 

Copyright 2014 Auburn Citizen LINK: FULL ARTICLE–year-detour-into-modeling-career-auburn-native-finishes/

Victoria Fitzgerald RYT

CEO & Founder at Asha Brands

“Jacqueline’s first novel “The Vast Landscape” is an amazing tribute to who she is. It is insightful and explosive all in one breath. It draws the reader in and inflicts an addiction of enormous proportions. I can only hope there is a follow up to this work. Sometimes we find our dharma and it engulfs us body and soul, congrats!”


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