Georgia Pine








Hope, Delivered.

“This is the type of book that you can – and will – read within a day. The ending to the previous book, The Vast Landscape, left me feeling lost and unsure and wanting so much more, and Ms. Cioffa delivers it all in GEORGIA PINE. The Cove is a place I wish I could be, smell, feel, and just experience the life and love that descends upon and from this magically place. Though I am found of the lovely Georgia, my heart was taken by the quirky and odd Maxine and the bond between sisters is something beautifully demonstrated. Prepare to ugly cry your way through another story of Harrison’s family and the duality of realities that exist.” – Amazon review

“Georgia Pine” – love the name, love the character, love the novel!

“For those of you who fell in love with Harry in “The Vast Landscape” and wanted the saga to continue, Jacqueline Cioffa has answered your call with her new novel, “Georgia Pine”. It continues the story of Harrison, Zack and their daughter Addie and her 4 girls – each one uniquely searching for her own happiness. Interwoven into this is the story of the narrator, who, after an accident that has left her permanently physically disabled, is able to escape her broken body into the vast landscape of her imagination. And in so doing unwittingly inspires a reader, who is walking a tightrope between living and dying, to opt for hope. Another great read from Ms. Cioffa! She continues to top my list, along with Kristin Hannah and Penny Vincenzi.” – Amazon review

“My copy arrived in time for the Holiday weekend – I could barely focus on anything else – JC delivers again. Spectacular, I could picture myself @ The Cove – and I’m not sure New Orleans will ever be the same for me.. Thanks Jackie for sharing your brilliant mind with us again – and I’m holding out hope for another…” – Amazon review

“Such a great Author..
Read the Vast Landscape, which was so heartfelt.. Which was a book I could not put down.Georgia Pine is a sequel to the story and as well a great Book…Thank You Jacqueline Cioffa for writing such Awesome words.” – Amazon review

“Well you did it again Jackie congratulations on an awesome book! I loved Georgia Pine and had to reassure the twins I was indeed ok as I sobbed finishing it today. You my friend are an incredible writer.” – Reader review



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