Fall In Love With A Not-So-Ordinary Love Story ~ THE VAST LANDSCAPE #Amazon #BookReview

5-STARS Fall In Love With A Not-So-Ordinary Love Story ~ THE VAST LANDSCAPE


“In this beautifully written novel, Jacqueline Cioffa weaves protagonist Harrison’s lifetime in chapters so artfully crafted they could almost read as standalone prose. Harrison is an original, not-too-soon-be-forgotten character who rejects an ordinary life for a spree across Europe’s capitals as a successful runway model. Her two close friends enable this jet set lifestyle and return years later as lifelong true friends. Cioffa’s scenery, characters, and drama take you on a wild ride through Europe, and a return to the U.S. via seamy Hollywood, Beverly Hills, and then finally to a place of Harrison’s redemption. HIGHLY recommend!”-Reader Review #Amazon


Labels – Your choice to wear it.  via The Lithium Chronicles

Nicole Lyons


People, you gotta love ’em.

I posted this on TLC after someone asked about avoidance as a personality trait. It’s from this somewhat helpful website Out of The Fog. Anyway, a few people shared it and posted about “labels” and it got me a little fired up.

Mental Illness isn’t just mental illness, in case you didn’t know, there are lots of different disorders, conditions, diseases, traits, characteristics, and so on. You picking up what I’m putting down?

Agreed, labels suck, but do you all understand why we have names for disorders and traits? Do you understand that mental illness is a real thing and that there are different kinds? And those “labels” are used to identify mental illness and symptoms as well as to function to help find the best possible treatment? By giving a name to relevant occurring characteristics that help determine an illness, we are able to…

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Because this moment simply is By Stephanie Ortez 

Because this moment simply is. No bugs trapped inside in the mind, prompting to do what the will does not wish to do. And one of the things I do not wish to do is to indulge in this life full of vanity and self-consciousness. This aha moment has pondered in my thoughts for a while. It all started when I moved to a new apartment; excited to finally enjoy my privacy, the kitchen area, and to have a small place to call my own… At least for a year. I felt so many thrills after the last box was unpacked, ready to sit down on my couch and devour more literary. The cable provider hasn’t been called just yet; I’m beginning to enjoy my surroundings in a sweet harmony where T.V. Does not exist. Hell, even my youngest son took up a summer reading challenge with “To kill…

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FREE on Amazon Kindle: An amazing story of love, loss, and hope. ~THE VAST LANDSCAPE


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“An amazing story of love, loss, and hope.” ~Amazon Reviewer


The Vast Landscape was never ours to begin with, we are all tenants of the same good earth. Surrounded by the enchanting tourist attractions, one forgets. One becomes enamored by the sounds, smells and tastes. Time? Time mattered less. ~ Jacqueline Cioffa ‪#‎Quotes‬‬ ‪#‎TheVastLandscape‬


#BeReal – JACQUELINE CIOFFA via Hastywords


My #BeReal guest today is Jacqueline Cioffa.

I first noticed this lovely lady on the The Lithium Chronicles. She is another mental health advocate.

It’s hard enough for most of us to piece together the real us but imagine being in the modeling industry. An industry dressing you up and asking you to portray their vision. Then imagine trying to function with a mental health issue you barely understand.

Thank you Jacqueline for sharing your real with us today!


When Hastywords invited me to participate in her #BeReal campaign I was of course honored, jazzed and excited to be in such stellar company.

“…give us an idea who you really are” was the direction. Jeez, that is a loaded brilliant question, which requires a thoughtful answer.

I am Jacqueline Ann Cioffa and that is a fine place to start, with my beginnings.

I am the luckiest, unlucky girl on the…

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Liquid Angst ~ Jacqueline Cioffa #StolenMoments #Poetry

From time to time you’ll see Stolen Moments show up on the blog. Words forgotten and misplaced, poetry, anticipatory memories, prose, joy and sorrow, pensive emotion, random and not so random thoughts scribbled in tattered notebooks. To not forget but remember the precious, fleeting stolen moments in time. I’m a writer trying recapture on paper how it feels to be alive.


Liquid Angst By Jacqueline Cioffa

Jan. 2005

You are the one


My forever Miami man

My moon, my sun, my tsunami

Amongst devastating destruction you are the storm in my soul

My liquid angst

But at least I love you

To know that I really love you

Quietly with a certain steadfastness

20 years full and counting

That’s really something

…hold up, that ain’t right

the year is 2015 

the time is now

…and I’m tired of waiting

I’m not holding out for a hero

a waterlogged wilted jilted lover

I’m becoming and becoming

my very own heroine

whole and content under a crystal clear lit up funky blue midnight sky


starstuff dreams bursting inside

Nonfiction by Mark Blickley

Mark Blickley did for me what Robin Williams did for him. He was the first published author, kind, brilliant creative person to encourage me to write. I love this piece for obvious and many reasons. Thank you, Robin Williams for paying it forward in kind.

Waiting For Robin Williams

Twenty-six years ago I was an off-off Broadway playwright clerking in a chi-chi toy store for grown ups on the Upper West Side when in walks Robin Williams. I was speechless. He smiled and nodded at me before exploring the various aisles. I knew he was in rehearsal at Lincoln Center for Samuel Beckett’s play, Waiting For Godot, so as I sneaked peaks at his inspection of the store, I tried to think of what I would say to him should he approach my register.

The owners of this unique store were a master framer and assistant film director who took great pride in laying out their merchandise in a setting that looked more art gallery than retail establishment. They had many celebrity customers and would often threaten their employees with termination should any fuss or attention be directed at their famous customers. These employers also…

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