Cover Candy Darling

They say choosing the ‘right cover’ for your book is critical. Who are they, anyway?
I know what I like when I see it. Finding the image for The Vast Landscape cover was a stroke of luck, and believe me I’m not that lucky.
I went back and forth between two images, ultimately sticking with my gut. Your first is always your first, or so they say, again who the hell are they?!
Welcome to my world the last three days, working on visuals. Trying to find the perfect cover image for Georgia Pine., the sequel. Georgia Pine. is complicated enough, three stories intertwine somehow, somewhere, someplace. Sounds a lot like the beautiful, crazy mess we live in. There’s time to read The Vast Landscape, before Georgia Pine. She’s a work in progress, dependent on me to set the pace.
I kept a few mock-ups aside, that have potential. Surprise, surprise.

Got you covered? Which image catches your eye?






Shutterstock credit (I’d be broke if I purchased every pic. I’m on Aries, we can’t see black and white.)QzS3b30Ci9


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